Frederic Dufaux

Directeur de Recherche CNRS @ L2S, CNRS – CentraleSupelec – Université Paris-Sud

Past Projects

TOFuTV: Transcoders Of the FUture TeleVision [2013-2015; Eureka Eurostars project (E!8307)]

TOFuTV will study the next generation of Television, including 4K videos, HEVC coding and transcoding, quality and colour spaces management, stream security and new services for the users.

AUSTRAL: Secured universal architecture for over the top catch-up,  on demand and live television (Architecture Universelle over the top Sécurisée de Télévision de Rattrapage, A la demande et Live) [2012-2014; French Fonds unique interministériel (FUI)]

The AUSTRAL project aims at addressing the distribution issues for broadcasting “premium” contents on open IP networks (Over the Top, OTT) from an end to end point of view.
Unlike the IPTV, the OTT technology will be providing the audiovisual stakeholders with independence toward the network.

Logo_NEVExNEVEx: The NExt Video Experience [2011-2014; French Fonds unique interministériel (FUI)]

In order to offer a more immersive experience, the NEVEx project aims at the study of a complete High Dynamic Range video pipeline, from content creation up to display.