Frederic Dufaux

Directeur de Recherche CNRS @ L2S, CNRS – CentraleSupelec – Université Paris-Sud

PhD Students


Aakanksha Rana: “Local visual features for HDR video” (start: 2015, on-going) (co-supervised with Giuseppe Valenzise)

Emin Zerman: “HDR video quality assessment” (start: 2015, on-going) (co-supervised with Giuseppe Valenzise)

Benoit Boyadjis: “Video coding optimization for ultra-low bit rate” (start: 2014, on-going) (co-supervised with Béatrice Pesquet-Popescu)

Maxim Karpushin: “Four-dimensional (3D time) visual feature processing” (start: 2013, on-going) (co-supervised with Giuseppe Valenzise)

Andrei Purica: “Pre-processing and semantic video coding for drones” (start: 2013, on-going) (co-supervised with Béatrice Pesquet-Popescu)


Paul Lauga: “High Dynamic Range representation  for digital video” (thesis defended on December 3, 2015) (co-supervised with Giuseppe Valenzise)

Yafei Xing: Compression methods for digital holographic data (thesis defended on January 27, 2015) (co-supervised with Béatrice Pesquet-Popescu)

Marc Decombas: “Ultra low bandwidth video compression based on semantic content ” (thesis defended on November 22, 2013) (co-supervised with Béatrice Pesquet-Popescu, Erwann Renan and François Capman)

Abdal-bassir Abou El-ailah: “Techniques for improving compression performance in distributed video coding ” (thesis defended on December 14, 2012) (co-supervised with Béatrice Pesquet-Popescu, Marco Cagnazzo, Joumana Farah)